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Drinks Delivery Kenya is an online liquor store in Nairobi offering free and fast alcohol delivery Nairobi. Dial A Drink.The following are some of the reasons that you might consider ordering from us in comparison to other online liquor stores in Kenya.

Convenience – Do you have a busy daily routine? Do you want to enjoy the luxury of staying home and buy drinks online in KenyaDrinks Delivery Kenya comes to your rescue. You don’t have to spend time in the traffic, hoping from one whisky shop or wine shop to the other looking for favourite drink or queuing to be checked out while you can dial a delivery from your phone or laptop and wait for a knock at your door in 20 minutes.

Flexible Payment Methods – Have you ever been in that scenario when you need drinks but you don’t have cash? Gone are the days when such limitation used to keep you thirsty. You can buy alcohol online in Nairobi and have it delivered to your house then pay via Mpesa, Airtel Money, MasterCard credit card or debit cardHow convenient is that? I guess it is worth a smile.

Flexible Means of Ordering – To order drinks online should be as easy as drinking it. We have an website where you can order drinks via WhatsApp, text messages, call, shopping cart, email or even buy alcohol online via our social media. You don’t need effort to order a drink but just a simple dial and have the drink finding your house.

Economical - With the current economy, anywhere you can save a coin or two will have a huge impact on your finances. As Drinks Delivery Kenya, we are aware of this too and that why we have introduced weekly offers, coupons, loyalty programs and discounts. Be a loyal client and stand a chance of paying less any time you dial a drink.

No minimum orders – It ain’t right to differentiate your customers by their financial capabilities. Do you want to purchase drinks online? Then don’t worry, we delivery a six pack of beer or even a single bottle of liquor. This is to ensure that alcohol delivery Kenya is a service for all.

Genuine and Original Drinks – We get our stock from licensed suppliers to ensure you get only authentic and legit drinks. With counterfeit products rocking in the market, we can’t risk our customers. That’s why deliver drinks certified by EABL drinks delivery.

Competitive Prices – We offer the best alcohol prices in the city across all online alcohol stores. This ensures that you get the same original drink at a lower price. Visit our website to get the best price of alcoholic drinks in Kenya.

Huge Variety of Drinks – Drinks Delivery Kenya offers a wide inventory of drinks for you to choose from. Are you a selective drinker? Then don’t worry as we stock the rare alcohol from all corners of the globe like Port wines, Japanese whiskies, Canadian whiskies… Shop for alcohol online today to enjoy the drink of you dreams.

No Delivery Fee – How amazing is that? Yes, we offer free drinks delivery Nairobi. This will help you cut on the overall cost of the drink.

Fast Alcohol Delivery Services – Having been in the industry for long enough, we are conversant with roads and all the estates around Nairobi. This helps us in offering the fastest alcohol delivery Kenya. With this assurance, you can dial a drink in Nairobi whenever you feel thirsty and have the delivery in 20 minutes.

Deep Alcohol Knowledge – Could you be having guests but you ain’t sure what to buy for them? Are you holding a party or an event but you feel confused on which drinks to buy? Drinks Delivery Kenya personnel have deep alcohol knowledge that will make your event a success. Don’t do the guess work which might be expensive to you, buy wines and spirits online today to enjoy the convenience.

Late Night Alcohol Delivery – We have extended our working hours to midnight everyday with exception of weekends when we go way past that. This is in line with our vision to offer 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi.

Extra Services - Besides alcohol delivery, we offer other services like water, chasers, energy drinks, condoms, tumblers and ice cubes. Dial a delivery today to enjoy more services.

Comparison Shopping – Want to compare several drinks? It is quite difficult to do comparison in a local liquor store but with online wines and spirits this is a simple task. You will have all the information you need at your disposal hence easier to make your decisions.

Gifts Delivery – Do you want to gift your friend on that special day? Drinks Delivery Kenya offers gifts delivery. This are gift baskets aimed at special occasions and will include the drink of the targeted recipient plus some other things like chocolates, teddy bear, fresh juice, card … basically it can include anything you request of.


In conclusion, Drinks Delivery Kenya should be your best choice when it comes to dial a drink Kenya. We offer a wide range of drinks ranging from whisky, winechampagne, vodka, tequila, liqueur, cognac, brandy, rum, gin, vermouth, bitters, aperitifs, energy drinks and chasers (sodas, fresh fruit juices, lime water, tonic water, soda water and water). Are you looking for whisky delivery Nairobi or wine delivery Nairobi? We are just a call a way to make it happen. Besides selling on retail, we also offer wines and spirit wholesale prices in Kenya.